Installation, 2015

Collaborators: Hiroshi Jacobs, Rolled Almanza, Chris Wiemann, Jesse Wetzel, Amanda Stacy, Charlotte Styer, Abbie Rolando, John Abowd, Anna Jacobs

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iGlow is a tunnel of light that puts its occupants on display, expressing their digitized silhouettes as they traverse. Visitors walking in the tunnel appear, from the outside, to be warped into pixels as they pass through. Analog bodies in motion project digitized images through the tunnel surface via a combination of light, distance, and surface-to-void repetition.  The tunnel is lined with lights on one side and a perforated screen on the other. As visitors make their way through, the tunnels faceted exterior translucent surface displays the activity within. The commotion inside creates an ephemeral expression of life on the outside.

iGlow was originally installed as part of the Georgetown Glow 2015 light art festival in Washington, DC.  It instantly became an Instagram sensation along with the rest of the Georgetown Glow installations.  After Georgetown Glow it was moved to its second home and became the first ever art installation to grace the tunnels of the Dupont Underground, an abandoned underground streetcar station under Dupont Circle in Washington DC.