Installation/Sculpture, 2015

Collaborators: Hiroshi Jacobs, Rolled Almanza, Isabela Tavares

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 Spatial memory is one of the things that separate us from machines. It’s that strange familiarity with a place you’ve never been before because of some subconscious sensory connection to the way the light falls, an acoustic property, or the texture of material. As our physical experiences become increasingly augmented by virtual ones, spatial memory is imbued with virtual sensations; fading seamlessly from one place to another, zooming in and out at will, or orbiting around objects as if gravity did not exist.  These sensations register in the psyche, reshaping the autonomy of human existence.

Ever wonder what the act of finger-pinch zooming on your phone would look like as a physical space?  By placing the viewer at a scale somewhere in between object and space, and motivating visual and physical interactions with the piece, Inside/Out seeks to evoke virtual spatial memories through geometry and light.  It was installed at School33 Arts Center in Baltimore, as part of an exhibition curated by Karyn Miller entitled Move, Maneuver. Track and Traipse.