Public Art Installation, 2016

Collaborators: Rolled Almanza, Taiwei Wang, Jesse Wetzel, Jaime Ycaza, Chris Weimann

For the second year in a row, the Georgetown Business Improvement District commissioned HiJAC to create a one-month interactive light art installation for Georgetown Glow.

The installation follows Re-ball as the second local art installation that reuses materials from the National Building Museum’s summer great hall series.  Re-ball used the plastic balls from The Beach, and now Re-Icicle reuses the translucent polycarbonate greenhouse panels from Icebergs!

For this installation, we have recalled the original and familiar pyramidal forms of the ICEBERGS exhibition, but  but since then they have melted a bit and lost their shape. The icebergs are smaller now, and are filled with the water that once surrounded them. re-icicle is a fun reminder that existing materials, ideas, forms, and structures can be reinterpreted, recalled, and recycled in exciting and interesting new ways.